Below is a selection of motorcycles we had fun to customise and brought to life. Some are ready-to-ride bikes. However most of the bikes we create are custom-built for a particular customer.

BMW K1100 scrambler

This custom TOMA#01 is a special bike. We decided to start from the BMW K1100 frame and engine, not really popular for custom projects. We set ourselves the challenge to make it as beautiful and unique as the popular BMW Boxers custom bikes.

This was quite a challenge, given the original frame and equipment’s of the K1100 model. So we decide to go for a completely different scrambler look. After dismantling the bike, we added new trail tires, changed the handlebar and seat, added minimal turn signals and rear light. In the front we removed the fairing and replaced it by a more aesthetic front light and an original yellow side light to give it a nice retro touch.

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Yamaha XT600 scrambler

On this TOMA#15 project, the client first idea was to turn a Yamaha XT 600 into a light scrambler for weekend rides on small roads, paths and in the woods. He wanted the outlooks to be fun and elegant, and the use to be easy to ride on, resistant and relatively performant. He also specified he wanted the tank to have a significant autonomy so he could make trips of several hours/days in the woods without having to refuel too often. 

After several tests and researches, we found a Kawazaki 500 tank that would do the trick. Once the tank was in place, we shortened the rear part of the frame and started to work on the design and creation of our saddle. We also raised the handlebars to allow a stand-up position while off road riding. We adapted a front mudguard and a tailor-made rear fender in a retro spirit. After all this was done, we decided on the exact color with our costumer and went for a vintage white to give a retro look to the bike.

The bespoke exhaust line is covered with an exhaust wrap to give the bike a ruff touch. All the electronics components have been replaced by new and more minimalist elements (headlight, indicatorlights, taillights, electronic speedometer, lithium battery).

We have also mounted enduro tires that allow comfortable road use.

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BMW K1100 bratstyle

This custom TOMA#12 is a special bike made in collaboration with Jean-Michel Martin, Belgian racing driver. The design and colors of the bike were inspired by modern BMW M Performance cars while we also wanted to keep a general retro touch to the bike that was built in 1993 (model BMW k1100lt).

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Suzuki VanVan125 tracker


For TOMA#11 project, our customer Gregory wanted a motorcycle that is easy to ride in town but also allowed him to go off road in the countryside. He wanted a motorcycle of small capacity, easy to ride and with strong personality.

After several meetings to understand the customer's desires, we made several transformation proposals, and finally agreed on the Suzuki vanvan125 project. After that, the client gave us "carte blanche". 

When the bike arrived at the workshop, we directly remove a lot of parts in order to only keep the frame, engine and wheels. That way we could analyse and imagine the general line that we wanted to give to the bike. At that time, we had to finish 2 other projects, so we let the bike naked for few days and let us the necessary time to imagine the final project in our head and by testing several combination of tank, saddle and parts. We modified the muffler to get it under the bike, lowered the handlebars and removed any original accessories that were superfluous. All electronic components have been modified to make the motorcycle more modern and minimalist and we tailored front and rear mudguard as well as add side covers.

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Honda NX650 tracker

The donor bike for this TOMA#08 tracker project is a Honda NX650 Dominator.

The first step was to dismantle the bike to analyze the lines. Then we shortened the rear frame and fitted a new tank from an old Honda 125. We cleaned the space under the seat and built a battery box. We spent a lot of hours on the electric part to hide cables. We also built a custom seat. In the front we removed the fairing and replaced it by a more aesthetic front headlight and added minimal turn signals and rear light.

Honda CX500 tracker

The donor bike for this TOMA#13 tracker project is a Honda CX500.

List of main modifications on the bike includes: new custom seat and shortened rear frame, trail tires, cleaning the space under the seat and build a battery box, new exhausts, front headlight and minimal turn signals.

Honda Varadero tracker

Proudly made in Belgium